Nickelodeon has always been for kids: ALL KIDS. And never has that been more true - or more important - than right now. Our audience is more diverse than ever, and kids are overwhelmingly accepting of that diversity. In fact, they see it as a given. They affirmatively want friends who are different from them (93%). They celebrate individuality and uniqueness. Nickelodeon will use its platforms in a year-round celebration of this individual and cultural diversity that informs the "Kid Community," with our signature playful attitude and kid-first brand filter.

This campaign explores what makes kids who they are - their personalities, backgrounds, experiences, heritage: everything that informs their individuality - through our Kid-First lens, infusing the educational with the entertaining, and using kids' genuine interests and points of reference to ground our content.

"That's Me" is the umbrella campaign within which Black History Month, Women's History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and other days/months to be determined, will be celebrated.


This piece is a visual and found sound-driven tapestry comprised of real kids with real talents, interests, passions, and personalities. It is driven by the kids themselves as they confidently share their unique cultural identities and what makes them who they are.


It's a month with "history" in its name, but Black History Month needs to be truly relevant and compelling to kids of this generation. Nickelodeon's 2018 Black History Month campaign takes a new angle on a traditional approach, focusing on the locations that were settings for making history in a variety of kid-relevant fields (like education, culture, and food), setting the stage for the ground-breakers of tomorrow.

Shot on location in Charleston, South Carolina, a port city to which 40-60% of African Americans can trace their roots, we feature real kids in real places that are fundamental to shaping African American History.


Nickelodeon celebrates Women's History Month all March long, highlighting the achievements of history-making women through the eyes and actions of real kids and Nick talent. Our spots are comprised of custom-shot footage of real kids, Nick Talent shot with the same eye, and archival footage of the historical women who inspired them all. Empowering & uplifting, positive & personal, these spots will show the qualities women and girls throughout history all have in common. We will bring to light the connection between the past and the present, as well as the continued relevance of women's groundbreaking achievements in today's world.


Nickelodeon celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month through the eyes and experiences of real kids—showcasing the diverse cultures & traditions that help make them who they are.


In celebration of Pride Month, these content pieces feature real kids and everything they have to be proud of: their families, their friends, their passions, their strength to overcome challenges, their awesomely unique personalities, and more! These pieces show just how diverse today’s kids are, and how that diversity is an asset to be lauded.


Nickelodeon celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month! Real kids share the unique traditions, interests and cultures of the diverse Hispanic community.